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9.15.2014 - In the name of personal friend, legendary Apollo 11 astronaut Mr. Neil Armstrong, we are elated to share that Airmail's Joe Jones is currently working with the National Aviation Heritage Invitational (NAHI) in production of a massive illustrated display that will soon be put on permeant display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Hazy Center. Airmail could not be more honored. Stay tuned for updates fans!
9.5.2014 - Airmail Greetings is called on to help properly commemorative the memory of one of America's own — 51 mission WWII B-17 Commander, Robert Orton, and his gallant crew of the 483rd Bombardment Group.
Did we mention Airmail's Joe Jones is not only an accomplished illustrator and fine artist, but he's also an awarded graphic artist?

Today, we share this very special logo created for a very special American aviator, Bern Heimos and his famous J3 Cub.
7.16.2014 - Hollywood calls once again! We can finally spill the beans...
— We are hugely excited to formally announce that Joe Jones and Airmail Greetings have once again joined creative forces as the official art director with Director / Filmmaker Nick Spark on his latest 'epic' film documentary "RIGHTFOOTED"
6.8.2014 - We are excited to announce that Airmail Greetings' Joe Jones has stepped up as the official artist, and co-sponsor for the BIG Wings Over North Georgia Air Show - October 18-19 2014
Anyone like BBQ???
11.11.2013 - Airmail Greetings proudly helps celebrate the US Air Force Thunderbirds 60th anniversary.
We proudly salute each of the men and women of this elite team as they represent hundreds of thousands of airmen who have served or are serving at home and abroad in the U.S. Air Force.
9.13.2011 - The Aviation World sadly mourns the loss of one of our own. Oscar-Winning Actor, American Aviation Legend, and dear friend, the great Cliff Robertson passed this week at the age of 88. This is so sad!!!
9.9.2011 - Airmail Greetings proudly helps celebrate the 25th anniversary of Voyager's world record-breaking non-stop, non-refueled flight.
8.27.2011 - We proudly announce that Airmail Greetings' own Joe Jones helps win EMMY for aviation documentary celebrating the life of legendary aviatrix, Pancho Barnes. "Pancho would be so proud to know that they're still to this day, talking about her in Hollywood!" ~ Joe Jones
5.28.2011 - HEARTBREAKING AVIATION NEWS: The very heart of the world's aviation community is rendered grief-stricken as we learn of the tragic loss of America's jewel of the sky, the remarkable Amanda Franklin. Fearless to her last days, as a legendary wing-walker Amanda embraced the very essence of life and aviation more than we could ever comprehend. Her uncompromising commitment to life and her craft will forever be an shining inspiration to us all. We at Airmail Greetings send Amanda's family our very best. With love and tears!

National aviation artist, Joe Jones proudly offers an entire line of signature cards, fine art prints and collectibles to help celebrate many of the achievements and milestones in the lives and hearts of aviators around the world.

Airmail Greetings is committed to preserving our rich heritage of flight and to help recognize and appreciate many of the unsung heroes in aviation. From bush pilots and aviation system testers to airline attendants and ground personnel, we vow to help send a spotlight to all that live and work as the backbone of aviation today, and all the souls that came before them. From Van Nuys, to Reno, to Oshkosh, to Dulles, as a direct result of your overwhelming response and thoughtful requests we will begin introducing our first official Airmail collector notepads, mousepads, tee-shirts, mugs and more! Be sure to check back soon for our whole new exciting line of Airmail products created just for you, and just in time for your 2014 holidays. Reporting blue skies ahead!

Did we mention Airmail's Joe Jones is not only an accomplished illustrator and fine artist, but he's also an awarded graphic artist?

As a tribute to the true spirit of aviation, we proudly share this original logo branding created for a very special American aviator, Bern Heimos and his famous J3 Cub as he make his annual transcontinental flight 500' (AGL) above ground level. Wait till you hear about this!

Airmail Greetings is proud to announce the release of our latest collectors print -- a creative study in history and aluminum "The Planes of the Tuskegee Airmen."

This unique commemorative print was developed as a tribute to the nearly 1,000 "Documented Originals" -- and to our legendary friends of the Tuskegee Airmen, Hubert L. "Hooks" Jones Chapter in Denver, Co. We salute you fellas!


Airmail Greetings proudly celebrates the 25th anniversary of the flight of Voyager's "last first in aviation" - the first nonstop flight around the world without refueling with this official limited edition print. In a world-record breaking attempt, Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager took off on December 14, 1986, in an aircraft designed by Dick's brother, Burt. It was the largest all-composite aircraft ever built at the time and it took a grassroots effort to raise the money, and a small team of homebuilders led by crew chief Bruce Evans, to get the Voyager ready for the record attempt.

We had the greatest honor to work directly with Dick Rutan in producing the official fine-art edition to commemorate this historic flight. "I salute Dick, Jeana, and his entire team for their vision, balls and commitment!" ~ Joe Jones

Kicking off the New Year in style, we proudly feature the classic J-3 Cub, in our first 2011 edition, entitled "Cub Pals". This card is devoted to those enduring friends in our lives that gladly stand by us to help share and support our dreams and achievements. Faithfully bridging cultures, language, age, background and things like status our friends in aviation know no boundaries. Share, Fly, Celebrate!

We gratefully salute all of the dedicated crews on the ground that work throughout the holidays come rain, snow or shine tasked to simply "Keep Em Flying". As it was for the unsung ground crews throughout Europe during WWII, much like the 78th Fighter Group in Duxford in 43', after bustin' your hump, and knuckles working on their P-47 Thunderbolts in the freezing cold - it's darn nice to have someone make it a point to share some Christmas Cheer with the regular fellas on the ground.

Every since the Wright brothers, it's been the invention known as the aircraft that actually brings us home for the holidays. In sharing the spirit of the season, it is with much joy we now offer this little gem featuring the beautiful DeHavilland Beaver.

Airmail Greetings celebrates another aviation milestone. Shown here as the aeroplanes begin to arrive at Chignik, Alaska, the first flight around the world was flown by United States Army Air Service pilots in specially-built Douglas World Cruisers, DWCs, between 6 April and 28 September 1924. The magnitude of that flight at the time is comparable to a moon landing today.

Now after 80 years, Airmail Greetings uncovers historic image of Byrd and Claus together in the Antarctic Circle. Hidden by National Geographic photo staff since December 1929, it is likely this is the only image in existence that proves the long fabled myth that Santa Claus did indeed make it a point to visit with Admiral Robert Byrd and his men during the historic 1929 Antarctic Expedition.

Ken Perich, Director of the Rolls-Royce/National Aviation Heritage Invitational worked closely with Airmail Greeting for weeks to create a very special collector's card to gift their VIP guest at this years Reno National Championship Air Races, September 10-14 2008. Featuring the graceful B-17 "Liberty Belle" proudly flying at altitude with her P-38 fighter cover near by, this piece was developed to have a warm, authentic feel in efforts to truly pay tribute to her original crew, and salute the efforts of owner and friend, Don Brooks, and chief pilot, Ray "Hollywood" Fowler. If you plan to attend the Reno event, be sure to stop by the Roll-Royce pavilion, and also visit the Liberty Belle.

As part of this years visual campaign produced by Joe Jones and Airmail Greetings, it brings us great pride to share with you the official 10th anniversary, National Aviation Heritage Invitational collector's card developed for Rolls-Royce and event director, Mr. Ken Perish, a true custodian of our aviation heritage. Be there to help celebrate their 10th anniversary at the Reno National Championship Air Races, September 10-14. For more information on this great aviation event, visit:

Airmail Greetings helps preserve aviation history as we proudly unveil our very first collector's card featuring Lt. Col. James Harvey III, original Tuskegee Airmen. James is distinguished as being this country's very first Black jet fighter pilot, flying missions over Korea, and was awarded in 1949 as the USAF first "Top Gun" pilot. In 2007 he was decorated with the Congressional Gold Medal in which there have only been 73 awarded in this country's history.

Airmail Greetings offers a wide variety of signature custom aviation cards and promotional items. Call us now for all of your specialized aviation needs!

A quote from an honored friend...

Congratulations on the launch of your terrific new aviation greeting card business! For years, I've searched for a line of cards that conveyed exactly the right message to fellow aviators and their families, particularly when one of our brethren-of-the-air had "flown west." Airmail Greetings is it! Thanks for literally answering the "mail" from fly-guys the world over!
- Bill Scott
[Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief, Aviation Week & Space Technology (Retired)]
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