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Airmail Greetings
Collectors Prints

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The Flight the Voyager: Official 25th anniversary collectors print.
item# 2500
Beautiful fine art prints autographed by both Rutan and Jones. $100.00
20" X 16" Print with Luster finish
Airmail Greetings proudly celebrates the 25th anniversary of Voyager's world record-breaking non-stop flight. This official commemorative artwork developed by Joe Jones and presented by Ken Perich, Director of the National Aviation Heritage Invitational to Voyager's legendary pilot, Dick Rutan as fittingly honor and his historic flight.
Planes of the Tuskegee Airmen
item# 2510
Beautiful fine art prints now available. $75.00
24" X 18" Print with Luster finish
Airmail Greetings is proud to announce the release of our latest collectors aviation pieces -- a creative study in history and aluminum "The Planes of the Tuskegee Airmen."

Showcasing the three signature aircraft type flown by America's first black aviators of the 332nd FG during WWII, it was a true honor to have worked closely with three of our personal Tuskegee Airmen friends who's actual aircraft are depicted in this collectors print.

Accurate down to the rivet, this print features:

North American Aviation: P-51/D Mustang
Flown by: Capt. Marion Rodgers
332nd Fighter Group
99th Fighter Squadron

Republic: P-47/N Thunderbolt
Flown by: 1st Lt. James Harvey III - America's first "Top Gun"
332nd Fighter Group
99th Fighter Squadron
Aircraft flown in the first 1949 "Top Gun" competition.

North American Aviation: B-25/J Mitchell
Flown by: Capt. Fitzroy "Buck" Newsum
477nd Medium Bombardment Group
617th Bombardment Squadron

This unique commemorative print was developed as a tribute to the nearly 1000 "Documented Originals" and our legendary friends of the Tuskegee Airmen, Hubert L. "Hooks" Jones Chapter in Denver, Co. We salute you fellas!!
Celebrating the Air Force Thunderbirds 60th Anniversary
item# 2520
available soon!
Airmail Greetings proudly celebrates the Air Force Thunderbirds 60th anniversary. This official commemorative artwork developed by Joe Jones pays tribute to the history and legacy of America's finest demonstration jet team ever assembled.

While this illustration showcases the aircraft flown by the team over the past six decades being the;
F-84G Thunderjet: 1953-1955
F-84-F Thunderstreak: 1955-1956
F-100C SuperSabre: 1956-1963 (later F-100D: 1964-1969)
F-105B Thunderchief: 1963-1964
F-4E Phantom: 1969-1973
T-38A Talon: 1974-1982
F-16A Falcon: 1983-present (since 1992 F-16C)
this piece is dedicated to the current pilots, crewmen and past alumni who worked day and night to keep these aircraft in tip top flight status. Airmail Greetings salute each of the over 2,200 men and women of this elite team as they are profound credit to the legacy of six decades of the proud few that stood tall as members of the finest team to ever take to the heavens, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds!